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Terms Of Use

The users are requested to go through the terms and conditions of the website before using its services. The privacy policy and the terms are updated timely and the users should keep checking it timely. By using the services, offers and promotions offered by the website, it assumes that the user agree with the terms and privacy stated by the website. If a user disagrees with the privacy and terms stated by the website, he/she should immediately stop using the services and offers of the website. The terms of use elaborate on a user's rights and their duties towards the website or the usage. These terms and conditions along with the rights and responsibilities form a binding agreement between the user and the services. The terms and conditions are valid on the usage of the website, mobile phone application, computer web page, software and other interactive means by the website. The terms and conditions are also valid for the communication and interaction made between the user and the website such as e-mail notifications, SMS reminders and updates about the latest offers, subscribed newsletter by the website, and participation in the giveaways and contests. The website has a whole and sole right to change, edit, discrete or discontinue any offer or promotion without any prior notice to the users. The relevant information and updates that should be given to the user will be stated on the portal under the heading of Note. The website has a right to change or edit any part or clause of the agreement without any prior notice to the users. To stay updated with the most current and timely version of the terms, the users should review the terms after some interval of time. It is also declared in the privacy policy that the services are available to be used by teenagers and adults only. Therefore, children under the age of 13 should not be using the services and promotions and offerings offered by the website. The website also complies with the Children Privacy Protection act and offers its services to children above 13 years of age. At the time of collection of data or signing up for creating an account, the users prove and disclose that they are 13 years and above with the means of their personally identifiable information. By signing up for using the offerings of the website, you are the warrant that you are 13 years and above and do not fall below that criteria. The user is responsible to provide a website with the current, timely and updated information about themselves. If any fraudulent activity is foreseen by the website by a specific account, the user will be permanently banned from the website along with the deactivation of the account. While signing up and creating an account, the user is asked to set a unique Id or username along with a confidential password which should not be shared with anyone. Any activity took place by the account under the username, the responsibility shall be of the user only. The user solely is responsible for the security of the password and for keeping it confidential by not sharing it with others. While selecting the username, the website denies the approval of a similar username that is already an existing member of the website to make every user account unique and secure. It is your responsibility not to provide your user account’s access to any entity, third party, or reseller. By agreeing with these terms and conditions, the user agrees with every clause along with rights and responsibilities. Moreover, they should provide accurate and timely information about themselves. Furthermore, they should maintain the security of their user account and password. The profile created by the users should shadow a human being instead of an animal, place, or any other object or character. Now, let’s talk about the prices of the offerings and promotions. The prices of coupons, promo codes, discounts, cashback rewards, or gift vouchers set by the website can be changed, edit or delete anytime without any prior notice to the users. The users should be sure that they are purchasing the offerings and promotions for themselves or for gifting them to their loved ones and not for the resale purpose. The website ensures that only allowed products and services are promoted by their channel. The products are allowed to be promoted under rules and regulations set by the authorities. If any product purchased by the website contains any export or used part, it is then checked and forwarded by the export control department for ensuring a smooth transaction. The website has a whole right to delete, change or decline any quantity or item from your order at its discretion. The customer care service at the portal is available to help the users with any confusion and queries.