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Privacy Policy

The website ensures that your personal information is not transferred or sold to third parties for the sake of monetary benefits. The information is only disclosed to the stakeholders who are associated with the website for the transaction. For instance, the information you provide is shared with marketers and advertisers for advertisement and marketing purposes. The work is done and performed with an agreement not to share it with third parties. Customers must be sure about the safety and security of their provided information as it will never be shared or sold to other parties. The privacy policy further explains how the website www.mallofdiscount.com collects the information, how and where is the collected information used and whom it is shared with. The privacy policy is updated by the website timely. If any change has been made and it is mandatory and necessary to inform the users, it will be subjected under the heading of note. It is, therefore, requested to the users keep a keen eye and go through the privacy policy timely so that users can stay updated and current with the information regarding privacy policy. The type of information collected by the website is also stated below in this privacy policy. For keeping up with the changes, review this policy timely. The information processed by the website includes Name, Address, Contact Number, Job Status, Payment Mode, Payment Details, Age, Geographical Location, Preference, Interest, Opinions, Reviews, Views etc. This information is directly provided by the user when they interact with the website for reviewing, suggesting something, going through the website, signing up, making a purchase, or communicating with the website. Other information such as the device you are using, browser type, Internet Protocol, Service Provider, Cache, etc is collected when you agree with our privacy policy and terms and conditions. This type of information helps us in examining interests and preferences, time spent on the website, browsing history and geographic location of the user. Similarly, when you sign up and create an account; the basic information you provide about yourself is identifiable and used by the website for recognizing you as a person. Such as Name, Address, Contact Number, Login Id and password, Photograph, or any other means of identification. The website then identifies the relationship data to target you with the advertisement that you might like or have an interest in. for a better understanding of you that what types of stores or brands you like or prefer are identified and studied by social media interactions. The lifestyle, interests, and activities are studied based on pages you like, social media interactions and browsing history. Other demographic information is collected such as Age, Gender, Birthday, Job Status, Job Title, Income, Qualification, Wok Experience and Languages with you can interact in is collected under demographic data. Furthermore, geographic Information is studied to target you with the offers and promotions that are in your region and available nearby. Similarly, if you have enabled your location, the website’s application can target you or notify you of the best available deal or discount around you. Along with this, transactional data is studied such as coupons you purchase, gift cards you purchase, points you redeem, cashback offers claimed by you, financial and payment information such as credit or debit card number, CVN, Expiry of your card, the Email address you’ve submitted for the confirmation of account and other financial information is gathered. The website makes sure that the provided information is safe and sound with the website as it has installed a security software that makes it difficult and impossible for any theft or online bankruptcy. Also, payment bills, records of payments, prices of purchases, payment methods, cardholder details etc are studied and analyzed. Other statistical information such as usage data, searches, browsing history, interaction with merchants, time spent on the website, Internet Protocol Address, advertising id, and device type. Browser type, language used, domain name, cache, web beacons etc are studied and used for targeting promotions and offers that might best suit and attract the user. The information is collected either directly from you or indirectly for the course of action by the website. Another thing is that the service of the website is to be used for people over 18 years old and not below that. The service is also not to be used by the children. The website www.mallofdiscount.com ensures that sensitive personal information is only used for a legal purpose and not beyond that. Moreover, if used, it will be used under the applicable law. The website does not collect any information based on ethnicity, color, race, gender, language, religion, political or philosophical beliefs and opinions. Children under the age of 13 are strictly prohibited to use the service and minors who are under 18 years or below should also refrain from using the service. Lastly, the user is provided with a unique set of an id and passwords that should not be shared with others as it is unique. Any action that takes place by a user’s account will be the first and foremost responsibility of the user and the website if found, can stop or ban the use of the website and its services for that particular user.